Want to share data points and facts in a way that’s more engaging than a simple list? Why not try an interactive infographic? Intriguing graphics can grab people’s attention and summarize information in easy-to-understand ways. And interactions can break content up so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Not only that, but this kind of experience is now even easier to create thanks to Rise 360’s new Microlearning feature!

In this example, all of E-Learning Heroes’ biggest milestones and most popular content from 2022 are collected together in a fun, quick-to-browse form. The Microlearning feature helps share this content in a streamlined way. Rise 360’s continue block presents more complex information without making the infographic feel cluttered. And GIFs made with the friendly E-Learning Heroes illustrations ensure the entire project feels connected to the look and feel of the site.


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Bianca Woods
Amelinda Maes