Storytelling in e-learning is an effective way to connect with your audience. This Rise 360 example uses a relatable story and beautiful illustrations to create a powerful and seamless learning experience for managers about actionable feedback. Check it out for yourself to get inspired.  

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Cyd Walker
Teresa Moreno

Hi everybody Thanks so much for your comments. For some reason I missed the notifications on this. To answer your questions: - Make sure you save your images with the ending _NOPROCESS_, so they don't lose quality when uploading them into your course. - I mocked my course first in Illustrator, so I know exactly how the course should look like before and then I just export the images. I used the width 1920 px for full width images, height can vary. - For this course I used the blocks image centered and image full width. - As said above, you can use custom text for your continue buttons under EDIT. - You can choose the button left menu under Theme > Navigation > Compact. - Also under Navigation you can activate Previous/Next Lesson Buttons. I selected Floating. I reco... Expand

Reyveka Magnifique