This accessibility example showcases how you can use Rise 360 to create impactful courses using a variety of blocks, such as accordion blocks, knowledge check blocks, sorting blocks, and more.

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Amanda Poley
Allison LaMotte

Hi Benjamin, While it's true that not every single block type in Rise 360 is currently WCAG compliant, we've made a lot of progress on accessibility and are continuing to work on it. You'll notice that it's on the roadmap to fix that: :) Stay tuned Here's our VPAT which explains where we're at: You can follow along with our Rise 360 accessibility journey mire in detail here: Thanks for your understanding and patience as we work to make accessibility improvements. :) Also, you'll notice that I updated the course replace the drag-and-drop with a multip... Expand

Michelle Robin Gould, LMHC
Allison LaMotte