Looking for a quick and easy way to get your team up to speed on a new app? Check out this software tutorial I created using Rise 360! And if you want help creating your own software tutorial, check out this helpful article: 4 Tips on Creating Software Tutorials in Rise 360.

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Madison McCartney

Karen—this is a great question! Here at Articulate (and in the E-Learning Heroes community), we love using GIFs, too! As a best practice, for any GIFs that are longer than 5 seconds, you need to give learners (or readers) a way to pause the media. In newer ELH articles, you'll notice that our GIFs are now looping videos (here's an example article: https://community.articulate.com/articles/7-reasons-stakeholders-love-review-360). You should be able to use any screen recording software (Peek 360 is perfect for this!) to record your "GIF," and then upload your video to a video-hosting platform where you can choose relevant settings (like looping the video). I hope this is helpful! In the meantime, we'll make sure to update the GIFs in this article and example project :) Let us know if you... Expand

Madison McCartney