I’ve been wanting to create an interactive infographic for awhile, but wasn’t sure where to start. Then it came to me: what if I used Rise 360 and integrated some Storyline blocks? And that’s how this space travel-themed example was born.

The gifs, labeled graphics, and Storyline interactions really make this infographic come to life.

I hope this example inspires you to create your own interactive infographics with Rise 360 and Storyline!

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Catherynne Mattar
Allison LaMotte
Alphonso Hendricks
Laura Hawk
Emma Pawson
Andrew Crotty

Hi Emma, sorry to jump in. Having looked at your animation I thought it looked pretty good and I thought initially it was an intentional style choice. I think what you are referring to as 'pixelated' is actually 'colour banding' and is quite common with the GIF format. The GIF being an older format has inherent limitations. For example it can only support 256 colours and uses various (compression) methods to compose the image you see on the screen. I have never used 'Screen to Gif' so I am unsure what compression methods they use for their GIF output. But in Photoshop for example you can do things such as reduce amount of colours or apply 'Dither' (a way to make colour banding look smoother). My guess with your image is that the 'screen to Gif' software does not apply Dither which is causi... Expand

Laura Hawk

Hey Emma! Okay, here's what I'd recommend to try. In your Storyline project where you created the animation follow these steps. Home Tab > Publish > Video tab in the Publish window. Tell it where you want to save your video. Now open Photoshop. File > Import > Video Frames to Layers Navigate to the video you saved and choose it. You'll get a little dialog, then that says what range you want and all that, you can adjust that if needed especially if your animation is long then you can check the "Limit to Every 2 frames" box Click OK Now your video is going to come into Photoshop where each frame is a layer. Got to File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy) Now you're in the GIF export dialog. Play around with these settings, especially the dither and the colors. Making a... Expand

Cheryl Hoover