Find out how you can help learners feel illuminated and enlightened with this lightbulb circuit animation demo.

Chris Wall

This is very cool... and a nice, non-linear way to explore something. At first, I didn't quite get it... I was thinking about it like it was a precocious multiple-choice question (and I was ready to criticize by saying that I didn't know which option I was selecting). Then I spent a few seconds thinking about it, and it dawned on me... this animation is always gonna help me remember exactly how much wattage my brain's cranking out when I'm awake. Granted, there won't be a lot of opportunities for me to use this, but I like the non-traditional way to make information stick. stick (it’s akin to what people used to do back in the middle ages: since so few people were literate, you had to rely on the spoken word to deliver messages to someone. So, if you were a member of the nobility an... Expand

Joanna Kurpiewska
Kimberly Leigh