This example challenges young ESL learners to choose the correct animal illustration based on the English word they hear.

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Teo Karageorgakis
Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Teo, I created different layers for each question, correct answer, and try again. On the question screen, there is a freeform shape which hides all the options except for the correct answer. When the user clicks on the freeform, try again layer appears and character gives feedback and when the timeline ends, try again layer is hidden and question screen appears again. On the base layer, I used a trigger for each animal icon which shows the correct answer layers. Users can click on base layer when they are on the question layer. I didn't use a freeform or graded questions, just created two variables which keep the correct answer and wrong answer scores. When the user picks a wrong animal, it adds -5 to score and +10 points when the correct answer is given. I used the ... Expand