This gamified example created with Storyline 360 was voted best soft skills project at DevLearn’s 2022 Demofest—a huge, science fair-like showcase of e-learning examples from creators like you. 

It’s easy to see why this project got so many votes! The immersive graphics and realistic scenario are enough to grab—and keep—anyone’s attention.

Explore this project.

If you’ve never built a game-based course, you might feel like it’s beyond your reach. But you don’t have to have professionally designed illustrations to create an engaging, gamified experience. You can start small by adding a few game elements—like progress meters or stories that evolve based on learner actions—to your course. And thanks to all the powerful yet intuitive features in Storyline 360, that’s supereasy to do. Simply click on the linked resources to get started.

Isabelle Samson