Do’s and don’ts are an easy-to-understand framework for guiding behavior. But how you share that advice matters, too. A step up from traditional lists, this example presents do’s and don’ts as eye-catching flip cards. The design draws learners’ attention and breaks up recommendations into more manageable chunks.

Storyline 360 makes creating this kind of interaction easier than you might think. You can kickstart development by creating your tip cards in an existing Content Library 360 tabs template. Or, you can design the interaction from scratch with the Trigger Wizard. Take advantage of the in-app access to Content Library 360 to find all the icons you need quickly. And then use entrance and exit animations to make your cards slide in and spin around.

So, with just a few minutes worth of work, you can transform a dry do’s and don’ts list into an attractive interaction.

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Ridvan  Saglam
Scott Muth