Reginald J

Hi all! Unable to upload anything, but here's a quick explanation of each: Everything is on one slide, a layer for each button. Wipe: Multiple text boxes on top of each other (5,4,3,2,1,GO!), using timing and entrance/exit wipes to simulate a line wiping over the content. Wheel: One object (a circle with no fill and a dotted outline), using a 10 second wheel exit animation. Matrix and Spiral: Individual blocks all starting at the beginning of the timeline but with different exit timings. .5 second Float Out animation. This one can look a bit odd, as Storyline isn't pixel perfect, especially if your project is being stretched at all. What can look like a solid line to you (as my project does) may have many white lines or misaligned sections. You can overlap a pixel or two to allev... Expand