Say goodbye to boring PowerPoint org charts and hello to this interactive dial. Spinning the dial lets employees get to know who's who on the team.


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Joanna Kurpiewska

Thanks everyone for your amazing feedback - I’m super happy you like the dial to reveal interaction. I’m sorry - I can’t share the source file but of course I can write a quick step-by-step instruction. The basic idea is that the large image (the table and people around) is a dial as Storyline allows to convert any image to dial. - Make sure the image which you convert into dial is a square and its center point matches the center of a table - Set the dial rotation to 360 degrees to get 1 full spin - The end value for dial depends on: A) how many people/actions you’d like to trigger the info for, B) how smooth the spin should be (the bigger the number the more smooth the turn is) - Add layers with the info you’d like to display for every person by the table - Add triggers... Expand

Rachna Ghiya