Everything You Need to Know About Creating Software Simulations with Storyline

Software simulations are a great way to help learners get the hang of working with software. When you capture your screen and walk learners through a process step-by-step—and then let them practice the process in a risk-free environment—you’re helping them gain new skills that they can put to work right away.   

And with Storyline, it’s so easy to create a simple screen capture video or a detailed software simulation. Just record your screen and then use that video as is, or use the editing tools in Storyline to create a step-by-step demonstration. The best thing about Storyline is that you can record once, and then you’ll have the flexibility to choose your output without having to re-record anything—it’s a huge time-saver!

Check out these articles to learn how to use Storyline to create rich and helpful software sims: