Once you've published your content to Review 360, you can reply to and resolve comments right in Rise 360. You can even add suggested images directly from comments! Here's how it works. 

View Comments

Review 360 comments only appear in content you've published to Review 360. Click the comment icon in the upper right corner to expand the Comments panel. 

Review 360 comment icon

All comments for the currently selected item appear in the panel. For courses, click the lesson title above the comment to jump to that lesson. Each comment includes a screenshot of how the content looked when the stakeholder added feedback, providing context for your edits. Click the screenshot to maximize the image.

Linked Review 360 Items

If you post multiple Review 360 items for a course, you can see comments and address stakeholder feedback for each from the same interface. Once you upload a new version to Review 360, the Comments panel displays a drop-down menu where you can easily switch between items.

Add Images From Comments

You can quickly add images attached to comments to your lessons. Navigate to the lesson that contains the comment with an image, hover over the image, click the magnifying glass icon that displays, and click the arrow icon that displays next to the enlarged version of the image. This adds an image block to the bottom of the that lesson.

You can also download or delete the image from the comment.

Post Comments

Continue collaborating with stakeholders without leaving Rise 360 by adding a new comment or replying to an existing one, then clicking Post. If you change your mind, click Cancel. Your comments automatically sync with the discussion in Review 360. Hover over your posted comments for edit and delete options.

Keep in mind that comments are organized by lesson and sorted by when they were originally posted, with the newest comments for each lesson at the top of the list. 

Resolve and Reopen Comments

As comments are addressed, resolve them to keep the comments panel from getting cluttered. Hover over an individual comment or the first comment in a discussion thread, then click the checkmark icon that appears.

You can also reopen a comment or discussion that was previously resolved. Select the Show resolved option, then hover over the comment and click the green Reopen checkmark icon.