Picture this scenario: Your boss sends you an email asking you to research e-learning course creation apps—also known as e-learning authoring software—so your department can purchase a tool to develop e-learning. You hardly know anything about e-learning, much less course creation apps. You search online, but quickly become lost in the sea of information, opinions, and product specifications. All you want is some general information about what e-learning course creation apps are all about, but you can’t seem to find it!

If this sounds familiar and you’re looking to learn what e-learning course creation apps are all about, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out the main things you need to know.

What Are E-Learning Course Creations Apps?

E-learning course creation apps allow you to develop e-learning courses—also known as computer-based training, online training, online courses, and distance learning. There are lots of different apps to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: they help you build a “learning experience” that’s viewed on a computer, tablet, and/or smartphone.

What Can You Create with E-Learning Course Creation Apps?

Specific functionalities will vary from app to app, but the range of things you can do with e-learning course creation apps includes:

  • Presenting information using text, shapes, photos, characters, animations, video clips, and audio.
  • Building engaging interactions and games that challenge and motivate learners.
  • Crafting realistic scenarios to help learners understand how to apply what they’re learning to real-life situations.
  • Creating 360° immersive experiences that empower learners to build skills in realistic virtual environments.
  • Recording your screen to create software training.
  • Designing quizzes, assessments, and tests to measure learning.

You can use any combination of these things—and more—to create your online courses.

Do You Have to Be an Expert to Use E-Learning Course Creation Apps?

No! A wide range of people with varying backgrounds use e-learning course creation apps. Some applications—like Rise 360 and Storyline 360—require no (or minimal) coding or programming knowledge. This means subject matter experts—or anyone with average computer skills—can use e-learning course creation apps to build online training.


As you continue your research into finding the best e-learning course creation apps for your needs, you’re likely to stumble upon more questions. What types of course creation apps exist? What factors should I consider when choosing a course creation app? Not to worry! We’ve got answers for you.

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