5 Reasons It’s Easy to Record Screencasts with Peek

Adding screencasts to your e-learning course is a great way to show people how to do something instead of just telling them. You can use screencasts in your e-learning courses, but also to simplify other aspects of your work. Here are just a few examples of use cases:

  • Train internal staff on a new tool or process.
  • Explain something to an external contractor or client.
  • Demonstrate a complex issue that comes up during the course review process.

I love that with Peek I now have an easy way to record screencasts from my Mac or my PC. What makes it so easy? Let’s have a look.

1. Access Peek Easily via the Menu Bar

One of the things I love about Peek is that it’s always just a click away. It lives in the menu bar on your Mac or in the systems tray on your PC, so it’s always available when you need it.

2. Easily Select the Recording Zone

When you record a screencast with Peek, all you have to do is select the application on your computer that you’d like to record. Peek then automatically selects that area of the screen. Of course, you can always resize the recording frame if you’d like to include multiple applications. Just drag the corners of the frame with your mouse.

3. Record Audio and Video Simultaneously

With Peek, you can also record narration at the same time you’re recording any on-screen actions using your computer’s mic. That way, you don’t have to sync the audio with the video!

4. Share Your Screencasts in One Click

Once you’ve recorded your screen and narration, you can upload it to Articulate 360 with just one click. Peek will automatically copy the URL to your clipboard so you can easily share it however you’d like!

Once you’ve uploaded your video to Articulate 360, you can also easily collect in-context feedback from stakeholders with Articulate Review, add it to a course, or create a SCORM-compliant package for your learning management system.

5. Access All Recordings in an Instant

Another great thing about Peek is that all your previous recordings are saved in the Peek app. You can easily go back to the app to grab the links to those recordings, as needed.

More Resources

With Peek, creating great screencasts is quicker and easier than ever, giving you back time in your day to focus on the course design—instead of fussing with over-complicated tools.

To learn more about using Peek, check out this overview and this Getting Started with Peek tutorial.