E-Learning Heroes Community is the perfect place to get inspired by examples from both our amazing community members and our Articulate staff members. Below are the top seven Storyline 360 examples from 2023.

1. Storyline Comics Style Communication: Branched Scenario

Screenshot of the title screen of an e-learning course titled Speak or Sink. Can you transform self-sabotage into self-mastery?

See how you can use interactive storytelling elements and branching techniques to teach learners the skills they need in this cool example.

2. Power of Self-Motivation Scrolling Experience

Screenshot of an e-learning course titled The Hidden Power of Self-Motivation. At the bottom of the screen is an illustration of an iceberg.

Check out this completely unique interactive example that engages learners right from the start.

3. Office Safety Training Template

Screenshot of an e-learning course. The screen shows an illustration of an office room with a desk. chair, and stack of boxes next to a closed door. The onscreen text says Deliveries should be placed in a designated spot that doesn

Want to teach workplace safety in a memorable and interactive way? Check out this downloadable template to help kickstart your project. 

4. Interactive Storytelling TemplateScreenshot of an e-learning course. Text at the center of the screen reads Help Josie make decisions to create a productive conversation with Ellyn. When you see a decision point, select the option you want Josie to take. At the top right of the screen is an icon of an EKG screen that can be clicked for hints. At the bottom is a button that reads continue.

Learn how to leverage storytelling in Storyline 360 to help your learners apply their skills in a real-life scenario with this inspiring example.

5. Room Exploration Interaction Template

Screenshot of an e-learning course. The screen shows an illustration of an old home library that

Make searching an office, home, warehouse, store, or any other 2D environment feel more cinematic with this downloadable interaction. With the help of hotspots, triggers, and layers, learners can use the on-screen flashlight to help them discover clues.

6. Reset Drag-and-Drop Incorrect Choices Template

Screenshot of an e-learning course. At the top is a black bar and the title Drag and drop reset. Below that are two sets of boxes. Three black ones on the left with a different icon on each. And three gray ones on the right with icons that match the black set. A button on the bottom right reads Submit.

Ever wanted to reset only the incorrect drag choices in Storyline 360? Use this starter template and supporting video tutorial to learn how to reset your own drag-and-drop interactions.

7. Employee Health and Wellness

Screenshot of the title screen of an e-learning course. On the left is the title Employee Health and Wellness. On the right is a photo of a smiling man wearing a track suit.

Check out this stunning example to see some of the immersive and custom learning experiences you can create with Storyline 360.


We hope these examples inspire you as you work on your next e-learning projects!

Did we miss any of your favorites? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. You can view more article recaps from 2023 by checking out our latest compilation of articles here: All the Best E-Learning Heroes Content from 2023 in One Place.

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