Sometimes it’s important to enforce a time limit on surveys and quizzes. Perhaps you’re assessing time-critical tasks, or you want to discourage learners from looking up the answers using other resources. In these cases and many more, a time limit helps ensure that your learners complete your e-learning quizzes and surveys in a controlled amount of time.

It’s easy to add a time limit to your Storyline quizzes and surveys:

Step 1: Insert a result slide

Your quiz must have a result slide in order to use a timer. If you already have a result slide built in, go to that slide in Normal View and click the Edit Result Slide button. If you don’t, you need to Insert a Result Slide into your project.

Step 2: Add a time limit

Next, look for the End quiz after __ minutes option near the bottom of the Result Slide Properties window. Mark the checkbox and enter the number of minutes you want to allow for the quiz.

  • Set your preferences for when the timer begins, and how to display the time. Simply select from the Start timer and Timer format options.
  • Click OK to close the Result Slide Properties window.

That’s all there is to it! When you publish your project, you’ll see the timer in the top right corner of the course player.

What happens when time runs out?

If a learner doesn’t finish the quiz in time, they will get a message telling them they've exceeded the time limit. They can click the OK button and submit an answer for the question they’re currently on, but not for any of the remaining questions. Any unanswered questions will be marked incorrect.

Whenever you give a timed quiz, it’s only fair to prepare your learners for it. Add clear and specific instructions so they know how the quiz will work, and how much time they will have to finish it.  

Have you used a timer in your e-learning? Leave a comment and share your experience!

Post written by Mike Taylor

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