Converting Static Content to Interactive Knowledge Checks #7

Interactive Knowledge Checks #7: ChallengeRecap

“How do I make my e-learning more interactive?” 

Now that your course designs cleared their medical check-ups, it’s time to get them active—as in interactive.

One of the easiest ways to move your static content to something more interactive is to reframe your existing content into the form of a question. This is a great way to create informal, interactive knowledge checks without extending your project’s timeline.

Articulate Storyline’s Convert to Freeform option makes this process really easy. We posted an article Thursday that goes into more detail on using this technique. You may want to reference it for this week’s challenge: Transform Static Content Into Interactive Knowledge Checks.

Challenge of the Week

Show and share your interactive makeovers using an existing slide from one of your projects:

  • Objective: Convert an existing content slide and convert it to an interaction using one of the Storyline’s six free-form questions.
  • Tools: You can use Storyline, Articulate Studio, Word, or PowerPoint to create your before and after examples.

You don’t need Storyline to participate in this week’s challenge. What we care about most is seeing your before and after slides. Storyboard the before-after examples in PowerPoint or Word to communicate how you’d rework the static content.

NOTE: This is not a visual design activity! You shouldn’t re-design your slide; you should only re-work the existing content into an interaction. Both slides should look the same except for the presentation of the content.


Additional resources on interactivity:

Sharing your examples:

  • Comments: Use the comments section below to share a link to your published project. The comments section allows links but not attachments. If you have a question or want to share your source files, you should use the forums.
  • Forums: Create your own thread in our forums and share a link to your published source file. You can also attach your project files if you’d like some help or feedback.
  • Personal blog: Post your published example on your own blog and add a link in the comments below.

Last week’s challenge

I have to tell you how much I enjoy seeing what you come up with every week. The ideas and creativity are amazing, and I appreciate you taking time to share your work with the Articulate community. Thank you.

Older challenges: If you have a demo or example for an older challenge, you can still post it in the comments. The previous challenge threads will always be open. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your e-learning skills, build your e-learning portfolio, and connect with fellow community members.

To get help get you moving for this week’s interactive makeovers, check out the healthy serving of creativity your fellow community members shared in last week’s challenge:

  • Sarah Redmond introduced herself to E-Learning Heroes by sharing her minimalist design that features creative navigation, lightboxes, and medical disclaimers.
  • Mariann Toth really captured the medical theme in her template makeover. From the characters, to the colors and medical imagery, she totally captured the medical feel in this template.
  • Curtis Pembrook also introduced himself to E-Learning Heroes with his medical makeover template. Really like the creative navigation, Ask the Expert, and Tips sub-navigation technique. This would make a great course template.

Have an interACTIVE week, E-Learning Heroes!

Post written by David Anderson