When it comes to creating the exact e-learning course you’re envisioning, Articulate 360 is here to help. With a multitude of features for designing learning experiences, our apps give you so many ways to bring your ideas to life. That said, we’re always exploring ideas to make your work even easier.

We’re launching a wealth of updates that give you new approaches and resources for customizing your projects. Some of them will be released soon, but many are available right now! So keep reading to find out how they can help you quickly craft engaging e-learning.

Content Library 360

The 10+ million media assets included in Content Library 360 are a significant budget-saver, reducing—or even removing—the need to buy expensive stock graphics. And the following additions expand this already valuable resource!


A More Diverse Image Library

Screenshot of the Content Library 360 image search results in Rise 360.

Find just the right images for your courses even faster thanks to the Expanded Image Library in Content Library 360. We’ve just added millions of new photos and illustrations. So you’ll have even more options to choose from—and improved diversity—when you search.


A Wider Range of Illustrated Characters

Three new illustrated characters in a row, shown from the waist up. On the left in a young man with short black hair and a short beard. In the middle in a middle-aged woman with shoulder length brown hair. and on the right is an older man with short gray hair.

And when your content touches on everyday settings—like homes, shopping centers, and warehouses—our new Casual Illustrated Characters can help your course ring true to learners.

Learn more about these new characters in this discussion post.

Storyline 360

There’s a new way to set the tone of your course and keep learners engaged in Storyline 360—the Background Audio feature. To insert background audio, simply go to the Insert tab, select Audio and choose Create Playlist.

Screenshot of the Storyline 360 Image tab. The audio button is selected, and the dropdown menu from it shows the option Create Playlist.

Then add one or more audio files to your playlist and continuous background audio will play throughout your course.

Screenshot of the background audio popup window. It shows audio tracks in a playlist, options to add and remove tracks, and playlist settings,

And no need to worry about learners who prefer a quieter learning experience—they can turn this background audio off at any time as long as you’ve turned on the accessible controls in the course player.

Screenshot of the Storyline 360 modern player settings. In the pop up, there is a switch to turn off the background audio.

Want to learn even more about how background audio works in Storyline 360? Check out this article for all the details.

Rise 360

Crafting the perfect look and feel for a Rise 360 course is even easier thanks to some new additions. Let’s take a closer look.

More Ways To Personalize Course Cover Photos

Find the perfect balance between readability and preserving image quality by using the Cover Photo Overlay Color feature to quickly maximize contrast. Just go into the Cover Page options in the Theme tab, click the Edit option next to the Course Image, and select Overlay. From there, you can make your course title easier to read by choosing a light or dark overlay for your cover image and then adjusting the contrast as needed to help both the text and image pop.

Explore even more of your cover image options in this article.


Get Learners to Your Course Content Faster

Screenshot of the Publish Course options in Rise 360. At the bottom of the list is the option to hide the cover page.

When you want to let learners dive right into your content, try two user interface additions. You can Hide Lesson Headers in the Themes tab and Hide Your Cover Page when publishing for LMS. When it’s right for your course, turning off one or even both can speed up how learners experience your course.

For more details on your lesson header options, head over to this article


Make Your Branding Pop

Screenshot of the option to change the logo size in Rise 360.

Including logos isn’t just a way to ensure your course meets your company’s brand standards. It also reassures learners your content was created with their needs in mind. And now, you can ensure your branding stands out even more with the help of the new Logo Sizing feature. By making the logo on your course cover page larger—or even cropping it—you can have more control over the final result.


Customize the Look and Feel of Your Blocks (Coming Soon)

Mockup of the enhanced block settings. In it are the options to adjust the padding and background of a block.

The prebuilt block layouts in Rise 360 help you create beautiful courses fast. And soon you’ll have additional functionality that experienced Rise 360 users have been craving—the option to fine-tune the layout within a block.

With the upcoming Enhanced Block Settings, you’ll have access to a new, consolidated toolbar that makes customizing the positioning and padding of the elements in a block fast and intuitive. So you’ll be able to use the default block layouts to speed up production, but also have the option to make custom layout adjustments when they best fit your vision for your course design.


More Real Course Templates

Illustration that says Explore Pride Month Courses at the top. At the bottom are several people holding LGBTQ+ flags and one person holding a sign that says Y

The real content course templates in Rise 360 help you get great content out fast—whether you share these pre-created courses as is or adapt them for your specific needs. With our new and refreshed Pride Month, disability awareness, and open enrollment courses and microlearning, you’ll have topical content ready to share in just a few clicks.


We hope you’re as excited as we are about all the additional creative possibilities these new Articulate 360 features offer. And we can’t wait to see what you build with them!

Getting started with these features is easy. If you’re already an Articulate 360 subscriber, log into your account to explore nearly all of them right now. Don’t have a subscription just yet? It takes just a few clicks to sign up for a free 30-day trial.

And be sure to bookmark the Articulate 360 feature roadmap so you can stay on top of what exciting new features we’re working on right now.

Bianca Woods