One of the best things about Articulate 360 is that it’s constantly evolving. With regular additions of new and enhanced features, we keep adapting our apps to better meet your needs.

Today we’re delighted to announce new and upcoming updates centered around three critical aspects of e-learning: accessibility, content management, and customization. Keep reading for a quick overview of what to expect for each.


If you want to ensure your courses work for everyone, accessibility considerations are vital. But we know you still need to create training fast, so we’ve added new features to take some of the work off your plate. 

On the Storyline 360 side, we added a video transcript feature as well as a set of accessible feedback layers that meet color, contrast, and focus guidelines by default. 

And in Rise 360, we added more contrast controls to help you improve course readability—automatically. 

Find out more in this in-depth article: 4 New Accessibility Features to Better Serve Your Learners.

Content Management

A simple way to streamline your workflow is to keep your projects well-organized. That’s why we’ve enhanced the management options on the Review 360 dashboard, making it easier than ever to keep your course reviews in order.

Discover how these options can save you time in this article: 4 Things You’ll Love About the Enhanced Review 360 Dashboard.


It’s exciting to explore all the ways the Articulate 360 apps help your ideas come to life. And our most recent and upcoming updates offer even more ways to create customizable experiences that learners will love. 

For example, we’ve added thousands of new images to our content library to ensure you have access to a wider range of high-resolution images for your courses.

And in Storyline 360 you can now add course-wide background audio to set the tone for learners. You also have access to new illustrated characters wearing casual clothes, which gives you more options for making scenario characters ring true to your audience. 

On the Rise 360 side, you’ll not only have more control over the way your course looks thanks to additional cover page, logo, lesson*, and block* settings, you’ll also get access to new real course templates on Pride Month, Disability Pride Month, Open Enrollment, and other topics that’ll help you get topical courses out fast.

Learn more about these additions and other features in this article: Create the E-Learning Courses of Your Dreams With These New Customization Features.


Excited to try these new features out for yourself? If you’re an Articulate 360 subscriber, most of them are available right now. So simply log into your account to explore them further. Don’t have a subscription at the moment? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to try out the updates that just launched.

And if this update made you curious about what other features are currently in the works, be sure to bookmark the Articulate 360 feature roadmap and check it regularly.


*Feature is coming soon.

Bianca Woods

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