E-Learning Podcast Interviews with the Articulate Community

E-Learning Challenge #39: Challenge | Recap

Last week we asked industry experts (that’s you!) to share their opinions about everything from designing and evaluating e-learning to mobile development to the future of e-learning. 

As usual, you guys rocked this challenge. I seriously think this is my favorite challenge. I really appreciate all the time you put into recording your interviews. Thank you.

For those who missed the podcast challenge, you’ll find the full interviews below. Hope you enjoy listening to the podcasts, and here’s reminding you that you that the e-learning challenges are always open. If you feel like recording your own interview, we’ll update both the recap post and this highlights post to feature your podcast.

Tim Slade

Tim Slade podcast

Allison Nederveld

Allison Nederveld podcast

Ashley Chiasson

Ashley Chiasson podcast

Nick Russell

Nick Russell podcast

Dan Sweigert

Dan Sweigert podcast

Nicholas Sargent

Nicholas Sargent podcast

Dana Dutiel

Dana Dutiel podcast

Jackie Van Nice

Jackie Van Nice podcast

Nancy Woinoski

Nancy Woinoski podcast

Richard Watson

Richard Watson podcast

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro podcast

Daniel Adeboye

Daniel Adeboye podcast

Daniel Brigham

Daniel Brigham podcast

Jeff Kortenbosch

Jeff Kortenbosch podcast

Paul Alders

Paul Alders podcast

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Allison Nederveld