How Can I Tell if My LMS Will Work with Articulate Software?

People who buy e-learning software often want to publish their e-learning projects in a learning management system, or LMS. An LMS lets you deliver courses to learners and track their participation and completion status.

Before you invest in an LMS, however, you’ll want to make sure that the projects you create in Articulate software will work in it. More specifically, you’ll want to verify that your LMS can receive the basic information that you care about, such as quiz scores, pass/fail status, completion status, and time spent in the course, from your Articulate courses.

If you use our frictionless LMS, Reach 360, this work is done for you. Not only do courses created in Rise 360 and Storyline 360 communicate clearly with this LMS, they can also publish directly to it, eliminating many of the tedious steps of getting e-learning into a traditional LMS.

If you’re using a different LMS, though, figuring out whether it will work with Articulate software is actually pretty easy—think standards.

Several standards govern communication between e-learning courses and learning management systems. The most common are xAPI (Tin Can API) and SCORM. Articulate e-learning authoring tools can publish content to either of these standards.

So all you need to do is determine that your LMS can deliver and track courses published with those standards (we also support cmi5 and AICC—less-used standards). Then, when you publish your e-learning projects, just make sure you select the right output settings for your LMS.

To help you with selecting the right output settings for publishing your Articulate courses in an LMS, check out these helpful guides:

Any questions? Just share them in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you out. Considering buying Articulate software? Email us and we'll help you pick the right software for you.

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Justin Grenier

Hey, Janet! You'll find some folks at and at who were successful in their attempts at making Storyline and Studio work within the Canvas LMS, and you can also check out a guide from Canvas on how to import SCORM content into their LMS at Please do give those tested recommendations a try. In contrast to that, I also see some folks at who have said that Canvas does not support the SCORM standard, which is really the most prevalent standard in E-Learning these days. If that's true, you are correct that you may not be able to track learner progress/completion in Canvas, although you may still be able to upload your course and view it as non-trackable web content. Th... Expand

Justin Grenier
Chris Purvis
Alex House

I've worked a lot with Moodle and my biggest gripe with it is how it doesn't support Tin Can API by default. Responsive web design is essentially the standard now and as a developer knowing how prevalent the use of mobile and tablets has become, you want to make sure that your content looks good on as many platforms as possible, as well as being able to continue to report on student interactions with the content. However, viewing a SCORM package embedded within Moodle on a phone or tablet does generally not translate to a great experience, as it lacks the responsiveness to re size the player. The obvious work around for this is to adjust the publish settings to allow the student to download the SCORM and view it on the optimised articulate player app, which solves the responsive p... Expand

Natalie Ann

Our orginisation is using blackboard on cloud as our LMS and Learning Locker on cloud as LRS. Tin Can API support is not incorporated into our LMS. We have learning objects in our LMS which are created using storyline 360. My question is: 1) Since Tin Can API support is not incorporated into our LMS, is there a way to add Tin Can API features into our storyline 360 so the learning experience is record into the LRS? If so, how do we go about doing it? 2) If Tin Can API is incorporated into our LMS, we just have to publish our storyline 360 using Tin Can API as and LMS entry, and the learning experience will be recorded into LRS automatically? Do we still need to to anything else to record into the LRS? 3) How easy is it to incorporate Tin Can Api into blackboard? Does storyline... Expand