Sometimes it makes sense to limit the amount of time learners have to complete a quiz or survey. Perhaps you’re assessing time-critical tasks, or you want to create a sense of urgency similar to what they might experience on the job. In these cases and many more, a time limit can help keep learners accountable and ensure they complete an e-learning quiz or survey in a controlled amount of time. 

If you decide to add a timer, the good news is that it’s easy to add a time limit to your Storyline 360 projects. Let’s take a look!

Step 1: Insert a Results slide

The first thing you need to do is insert a Results slide into your project. Once you’ve added a Results slide, go to that slide, click the Design tab at the top, and then select Quiz Settings.

Step 2: Add a time limit

In the Quiz Settings window, look for the Quiz Timer. Select the checkbox and enter the total number of minutes you want to allow for the quiz. 

Step 3: Select Your Preferences

Next, select the clock drop-down arrow and choose your preferences for starting and displaying the timer.

Keep in mind, if you select Do Not Show Time, the timer will still function, it just won’t be visible to the learner. 

When you’re happy with your selection, click OK to close the Quiz Settings window.

That’s all there is to it! When you publish your project, you’ll see the timer in the top right corner of the course player.

What happens when time runs out?

If a learner doesn’t finish the quiz in time, they’ll get a message telling them they’ve exceeded the time limit. 

Once they click OK, they’ll automatically be directed to the Results slide. Any unanswered questions will be marked Incorrect.

Things to Consider

Whenever you include a quiz timer, it’s only fair to prepare your learners. Add clear instructions so they know how the quiz will work and how much time they have to finish it.  

Keep in mind that while timers may be an effective motivational tool for some learners, for others they can cause stress and get in the way of learning. To be inclusive of all learners, it's a good idea to give them the possibility to opt-out.


Adding a timer to your Storyline course is super easy and can enhance the learning experience. Using a timer to assess time-critical tasks or to create a sense of urgency are just a few ways to use time in e-learning.

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What ways have you used a timer in your e-learning projects? Leave a comment and share your experience!

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