With Storyline 360, it’s easy for learners to review their answers to a quiz and see how they did. By default, there’s a Review Quiz button on the result slide that takes them back through the quiz, where they’ll see a “correct” or “incorrect” banner across the bottom of each question.

But often, learners want to know more than just whether or not they got a question right—they want to understand why. So why not tap into that teachable moment by providing some additional helpful content during the quiz review? With Storyline 360, you can do just that! And it’s super easy.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to enhance your quiz review with question-specific content like remedial help, supplemental tips or links, movies, text, images, and audio. Here we go!

1. Open the Question Editor

First, open your question slide and click the Form View button above the trigger panel to open the question editor.

2. Add Text to the Post-Quiz Review Field

At the bottom of the question editor, you’ll see a field called Post-Quiz Review. In that field, enter some text.

When text is present, Storyline automatically creates a new layer on your question slide called Review. This layer is what learners will see if they choose to review their quiz.

3. Customize the Review Layer

Next, click on Slide View to see the review layer you’ve just created.

From there, you can customize it with whatever content you want learners to see during the quiz review—for example, audio, video, or imagery.

Wrap-Up & More Resources

Now that you know how to customize the review layer, you can transform a standard quiz review into a content-rich experience that’ll help your users extend their learning! And it only takes a few minutes. Pretty cool, right?

And if you’re looking for more tips on making top-notch quizzes, check out these helpful resources:

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