Getting training to your learners is easy in Reach 360. You can simply make your training discoverable by learners by turning on library visibility. A more direct method is to enroll learners in your training.

This article describes the following ways for enrolling learners in training:

  1. Self-Register Learners in Groups
  2. Self-Register Learners in Training
  3. Manually Enroll Groups and Existing Users
  4. Automatically Enroll New Learners
  5. Automatically Enroll New Groups with SSO
  6. Add Learners to Groups via CSV

Self-Register Learners in Groups

One of the best ways to get learners into training quickly is by assigning them to groups. When a user is part of a group, they're automatically enrolled in all training that the group is enrolled in. 

Once self-registration is enabled for your account, you can create self-registration links that automatically add new learners to specific groups. Just create custom auto-generated links for each group to which you want to add learners to and share them. That's it.  

When learners self-register using the generated link, they're automatically added to the associated group. Group self-registration links are for new learners only. 

Self-Register Learners in Training

If you'd like learners to self-register themselves in individual training content without adding them to a group, just generate direct share links

When you enable sharing for individual training content, you get a URL and a QR code that you can copy, download, and distribute. Either option brings learners directly to the content. These links also allow new learners to self-register as long as self-registration is enabled for your account.  

Manually Enroll Groups and Existing Users

For learners already in your organization, manually enroll them in a course via the Manage tab. This works for published and unpublished courses.

Select Courses and then click a title in the training list. In the settings, select the Learners tab and click Add Learners (or Enroll Learners if there are no users yet added to the training).

In the enrollment window, start typing a name. A pop-up automatically returns learners’ names as you type. Click a name to select it and add the learner to the list. Once your list is complete, click Enroll Learners.

If you’d like to enroll multiple learners at once, click the Groups tab instead and follow the above method to add groups to your course. When you enroll a group in a course, every user added to that group will automatically be enrolled in the course. Click here to learn more.

Automatically Enroll New Learners

When you invite a learner to your organization, you can add them to groups at the same time. You can invite individuals to groups one by one on a per-invite basis or add multiple new learners at once to the same group using the drop-down menu on the Add Users screen.

When a group is enrolled in a course, every new learner you invite from within Reach 360 is automatically enrolled in that course when they accept the invitation to your account. Click here to learn more.

Automatically Enroll New Groups with SSO

If you use SSO to manage your learners, you can automatically add them to groups. When you enter the attributes for your learner, you have the option of adding the groups you'd like to add them to. If these groups have training, your learner will be automatically enrolled the next time they sign in to Reach 360 using their SSO credentials. Learn more about using SSO to manage learners.  

Add Learners to Groups via CSV

When you use CSV to bulk-import learners into Reach 360, add them to groups using the Groups field. When a group is enrolled in a course, all group members are enrolled as well. As you add users to a group, they’re enrolled in all courses in which the group is enrolled. Click here to learn more about CSV import.