Groups are a great way to organize your users. When users are collected in a group, you can quickly enroll every member in training. Even better, new group members are automatically enrolled in all training assigned to the group, even if they're added after the training is assigned. 

Manage the Groups List

The Groups tab lists all groups in your organization. Groups are searchable and sortable by name or date created. Reach 360 admins can view and modify all groups in your account. Reach 360 managers and reporters see only those groups to which they've been assigned oversight. 

Note: If you use SSO to manage your organization and want to add users to groups via SSO, group names in your IdP must match the name listed here.   

Create Groups 

Create groups to organize your users by department or location. To get started, click the Add Group button, give your group a name, and click Add Group.

After creating a group, you're taken to the group's page where you can see its details, manage its members, and enroll the group in content. At the top of the page, rename or delete the group by clicking the edit icon next to the title and choosing the appropriate action.

Groups are more fun when they have members! Click the Add Members button. Then, in the Add group members popup, enter a name in the field and choose a user from the list that appears. Self-registered users are easily identifiable by the Self-Registered tag. Add as many members as you need. 

Did you include someone by accident? No problem! Just hover over their entry and click the trash icon that appears to remove them from the list. When your group members list looks just right, click Add Members.

Once your group is populated, you can sort the list by name, email address, and role. You can also search the list using the search bar and filter the results by user role. 

Remove Users from Groups

Remove members from a group by hovering over their entry and clicking the Remove link that appears. Click Export to download a spreadsheet containing the name and email of each group member. Removing a member from a group doesn't remove them as a user in Reach 360. 

Bulk delete group members by selecting the checkbox at the top of the name column. This selects all user records on the current page. Filter by group and user role if you don't want to select all group members.

To select all members in the group, not just the users on the current page, click the Select all ## users message, where ## is all user records in the current filter. Click Remove... and confirm the action.

Go back to the Groups tab by clicking the arrow next to the group name. 

Add Self-Registration

If self-registration is enabled for your account, you can create links that automatically add new learners to a specific group. Get more details on the self-registration page.

Manage Content Enrollment

Click the Assigned Content tab to see the training assigned to the group. Click the training title to see its record or hover over a title and click Remove to unenroll every member of the group from the training. 

To assign new training to the group, click the Assign Group button. Select the content you want to assign to the group, then complete the process by clicking  Assign Group to Training