RECAP #83: Reaction Gifs

E-Learning Reaction Gifs RECAP #83: Challenge | Recap

Thanks to everyone who shared demos or feedback in this week's challenge. I know the e-learning community appreciates seeing what you come up with each week. 

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10 Reaction GIFs for Every E-Learning Challenge

When you see that the world will finally understand the importance of font choice.

importance of font choice

Learn more | Ashley Chiasson | Website | @amdchiasson

8 Common Occurrences During an E-Learning Project

You will work with a designer at one point in your career (or in classes), that probably should not be a designer.

8 Common Occurrences During an E-Learning Project

Learn more | Melissa Milloway | Website | @MelMilloway

How I feel writing a storyboard

How I feel writing a storyboard

Learn more | Amanda Allen | Website

Here is David when he realizes that now he has to recap this challenge

recap this challenge

View Reaction GIF | Cary Glenn | @glenncary

When asked want to make a couple additional changes after approving the review cycle

additional changes

View reaction GIF | Matt Guyan | Website | @MattGuyan

When Dave Anderson announced this e-Learning challenge

e-Learning challenge

View reaction GIF | Jessica Luzi

How you feel when the blind date doesn't got as expected

View demo | Nick Russell | Benchmark Learning

How our learners feel after a long boring e-learning course

Jaipreet Singh

View reaction GIF | Jaipreet Singh

I can’t get variables to do what I want.

Cary Glenn

View post | Cary Glenn | @glenncary

What we do every time we engage with clients

Jeff Kortenbosch

View reaction GIF | Jeff Kortenbosch | Website | @elearningjeff

You know you’re an e-learning developer when… You get to take your own pictures for the course you’re designing

Rachel Barnum

Learn more | Rachel Barnum | Website | @OhThatRachel

How should I react to this week’s challenge?

Jackie Van Nice

Learn more | Jackie Van Nice | @jackietrains

When Linda, Veronica, Jeff, and others appreciate your work

Ashi Tandon

View reaction GIFs | Ashi Tandon | Website | @ashi_tandon

When I became an Articulate Super Hero

Paul Alders

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10 Reaction GIFs for every e-learning

Amanda Bauguess

View reaction GIFs | Amanda Bauguess

When getting assigned a project I can’t wait to start.

JD Maddox

View reaction GIFs | JD Maddox

The professor who's Chair has just informed him that he wants all courses in the department offered online by the fall.

Niki Bray

View reaction GIFs | Niki Bray | Website | @coachnikibray

When a client gives you an impossible timeline.

Courtney Peeler

View reaction GIF | Courtney Peeler

How I felt when the 2015 Articulate Guru Contest was announced.

Linda Lorenzetti

View reaction GIFs | Linda Lorenzetti |Website |  @lindalor

When you finally finish the project.

Alexander Salas

View reaction GIFs | Alexander Salas | Website | @stylelearn

Parashuram Vhaval

Parashuram Vhaval

View reaction GIFs | Parashuram Vhaval

When I try to copy something I just saw Tom do in a post.

Rob Morgan

View reaction GIFs | Rob Morgan

When the ground hog sees his shadow and you know winter's not over yet.

Lyn Lucovsky

View reaction GIFs | Lyn Lucovsky

A pooh-y story about e-learning designers...

Garima Gupta

View reaction GIFs | Garima Gupta

Animated GIFs to motivate learners

Andrew Sellon

Learn more | Andrew Sellon | Website | @AndrewSellonNY

When I'm going through my Master's in HRD not really knowing what I want to do after I graduate.

Alex Kiernan

View reaction GIFs | Alex Kiernan

While sitting in a planning meeting when you have great ideas jumping out of your head.

JD Maddox

View demo | JD Maddox

Karen Loftus

Karen Loftus

View demo | Karen Loftus

A New Articulate Challenge Comes Out

A New Articulate Challenge Comes Out

Learn more | Richard Watson | Website | @rwatsonID

12 Reaction Gifs Sum Up Your Conference Experience

12 reaction gifs that sum up your conference experience

Learn more | Melissa Milloway | Website | @MelMilloway

Daniela Slater

Daniela Slater

View reaction gif | Learn more | Daniela Slater

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