Show Your E-Learning Work with Your New and Improved Member Profiles #108

E-Learning Heroes Profiles #108: Challenge | Recap

Whether you’re looking for e-learning work or just looking to build your personal brand, showing your work is one of the best moves you can make. To help promote the amazing projects you create, we recently made some updates to member profile pages to feature everything you share in an engaging, portfolio-style layout.

Updated Member Profile Pages

The first thing you’ll notice is the redesigned profile pages. The layout is gorgeous and showcases everything you’ve shared in the community.

This includes the downloads, examples, and even articles you’ve posted in the community. Any Discussions you’ve started will also be featured using the new layout.

But the killer feature is the ability to now upload your own course examples, downloads, and courses to your member profile pages.

Add Your E-Learning Examples

When you’re logged into Heroes, you’ll see the option to Add a Course to your profile page.

Add Your E-Learning Examples

Don’t let the word “course” fool you. A course can be any e-learning example, download, screencast, or article you’d like to share.

This feature allows you to highlight your best e-learning work and get it in front of the largest e-learning community in the world. Articulate is committed to helping you become successful and that’s what this week’s challenge is all about!

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to build up your e-learning portfolio by adding your work (courses, examples, screencasts, and downloads) to your E-Learning Heroes profile page.

After you’ve added your work, take a screenshot of your profile page and share the link in the comments. I’ll help promote your page over the next week and feature your screenshot in next week’s recap.

Showcase Your E-Learning Work


We’ve written a lot on the value of portfolios and why course designers should keep their portfolios current and visible. Below are a few resources to help you get the most from your portfolio.

Articles, Discussions and Blog Posts

Previous E-Learning Challenges

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you round up your e-learning examples, check out the creative mobile navigation ideas your fellow community members shared in last week’s challenge:

Mobile Navigation Examples

Mobile Learning Menus and Navigation RECAP #107: Challenge | Recap


Wishing you a showcase week, E-Learning Heroes!

New to E-Learning Challenges?

The weekly challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. I’ll update the recap posts to include your demos.


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