A few weeks ago, I put out a discussion in the forums where I asked community members about the differences between training, education, and learning. As always, we got some deep and insightful responses. Here are some of the highlights:

Michael Jones:

When I think of training, I think of getting a person… performing a given task/procedure with the least amount of effort necessary. Training is also almost entirely a formal learning process that focuses on physical/psychomotor skills.

Education is a man-made construct of experiences designed to help a person make implicit and tacit connections between the physical world and the internal workings of the body/mind.

Learning is what occurs as connections are made; it's the result of training and education.

Bob S:

Learning: The big umbrella as it were. The process of learning never stops.

Education: Learning about something. Sometimes "awareness", sometimes background, sometimes rationale/value.

Training: Learning how to do something. Be it a hard skill, soft skill, process, etc.

Raul Esparza

Education is teaching content that will be used over a length of time. We are educated and learn math that we will use over our lifetime in different environments/situations.

Training is short-term learning of skills that is specific to an environment. Training can be applied immediately after a session. What is trained today, should be useful tomorrow.

Learning is just what we do as a result of our biology, perceptions, environments and experiences. We cannot stop learning.

Steve Flowers:

Learning is a biological process. It's something we do all of the time, whether or not we're aware of it. It's like breathing. It's something we do.

Training is usually something we do to or for others to help them increase proficiency in a skill or help them feel better about doing it.

Education, to me, is about connecting dots in a domain and providing a "sense of a world", whatever world is the focus of the education. Education tends to answer the Why? questions where training answers the How? and When? questions.

Big thanks to all the community members who participated in this discussion.

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