Why You Need the Tools in Articulate 360 and When to Use Them

Articulate 360 puts a slew of amazing e-learning authoring apps in your toolkit. You’ll have everything you need to quickly create any type of e-learning. But how do you know which app is right for each project? That’s where we come in! We'll walk you through different types of projects and which app we’d choose and why.

One quick note: any e-learning you create with an Articulate authoring app will work and look great on every device your learners use. With Articulate 360, we’ve made sure you don’t have to worry about mobile ever again—your courses will simply work, automatically.

The Project: Develop Custom, Highly Interactive E-Learning Course   

You need to... build a course with custom interactivity such as decision-making scenarios and quizzing. This sounds like a perfect project for Storyline 360.

Here’s why Storyline 360 is the best tool for this job. It lets you:

  • Create anything you can imagine. Storyline 360’s powerful (and built-in!) features let you build complex interactions easily—no coding required. You can combine layers, states, triggers, and more to build immersive experiences that capture learners’ attention.
  • Build dynamic content. You can use Storyline 360’s variables to make courses feel personal by capturing and tracking learner input or actions, then presenting dynamic content.
  • Make any content an interactive learning opportunity. In addition to building form-based assessments to test users in more than 20 different ways, Storyline 360 lets you turn any static content into a decision-making activity.

The Project: Quickly Create a Gorgeous, Responsive Course

You need to… quickly build a beautiful e-learning course optimized for every device. You’ve got some great text and media and would love to keep your learners engaged with interactivity that works wonderfully on all screen sizes and devices. And you want to build your course fast! Rise 360 is what you want for these types of projects.

Here’s why Rise 360 is the best app for the job. It lets you:

  • Use intuitive, modern web-based authoring. You can create courses online, anytime, anywhere with Rise 360. There’s no need to download any software—all you need is your web browser. Rise 360’s intuitive features make it easy for anyone to build responsive courses in minutes.
  • Rise 360 lessons are optimized for every device. Rise 360 courses are inherently responsive and designed with mobile in mind. There’s no easier way to create media-rich, impressive courses that look amazing on every single device your learners use.
  • Create gorgeous, custom lessons in minutes. In Rise 360, you can mix and match different types of learning blocks—like timeline interactions, tabs interactions, or even custom interactions built in Storyline 360—to create your own custom lessons. These modular learning blocks give you the freedom to combine elements into endless combinations. Then once you’ve got your lesson structure built out, simply drop in your text and media content, choose your brand color and fonts, and—boom!—you have an awesome, branded course.

The Project: Create a Course from PowerPoint

You need to... turn an existing PowerPoint presentation into an e-learning course with a few interactions and quizzes… before the end of the week! Studio 360 is calling your name.

Here’s why Studio 360 is the best app for the job. You’ll be able to:   

  • Get started instantly. Presenter 360 (one of the apps in Studio 360) works right in PowerPoint. You simply add narration, annotations, and you’re good to go.
  • Create e-learning quickly with form-based authoring. Engage 360 and Quizmaker 360 (the other app part of Studio 360) are form-based tools that let you quickly pop in media and text to add interactions and quizzes to your PowerPoint course.

The Project: Record and Edit a Personalized Screencast

You need to… create a screencast with a personal touch. You want to capture both the action on your screen and your face with your webcam. There's no need to use a screencasting tool AND a webcam recording when you use Replay 360.

Here’s why Replay 360 is the best app for the job. You’ll be able to:

  • Record a screencast with picture-in-picture effects. Replay 360 is the perfect tool for creating screen recordings with a webcam. Just launch the recorder and start recording your video and your webcam simultaneously.
  • Tweak and edit your video. Then you’ll be able to edit and perfect your video with Replay 360’s easy editing tools. Without any “ums,” “ahs,” or pauses, you'll have a polished video quickly.
  • Publish to MP4. Easily publish your Replay 360 videos to MP4 in a few clicks. You can quickly upload these to your Storyline 360, Studio 360, or Rise courses—or just use the videos as they are!

The Project: Create a Quick Screencast on a Mac or a PC

You need to…record a quick screencast, capturing all the action on your screen. You might use your recording as a standalone video, add it to a Rise 360 lesson, insert it in a Storyline 360 or Studio 360 course, or use it with Review 360 to get quick feedback from a colleague.

Peek 360 is the right app for the job! Here’s what you can do with Peek 360:

  • Record a screencast on a Mac or PC. Peek 360 is always a click away on your Mac menu bar or Windows system tray. It’s fast and easy to fire up, click record, and capture your screen activity.
  • Share easily. Upload it to Articulate 360 with a single click. Share it using a unique link. Or download it for easy loading into your LMS.

Let the Fun Begin

With Articulate 360, you’ll get an awesome set of e-learning apps at your fingertips—and now you know how to pick the right one, no matter what the project! If you’re looking for more help getting started with Articulate 360, check out our Articulate 360 Training videos and webinars.

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