Why You Need the Tools in Articulate 360 and When to Use Them

Articulate 360 includes award-winning e-learning authoring apps—Storyline 360 and Rise 360 and a host of content and resources. Even better, courses created with Articulate 360 apps will work and look great on every device your learners use. You don’t have to worry about tweaking your course designs for different devices. Your courses just work automatically—everywhere.

So if mobile is taken care of no matter which authoring app you choose, how do you know which one is the right fit for your project? 

We’ve got you covered! Let’s walk through a few pro tips for choosing the best authoring app for several different types of e-learning projects, including why we’re recommending one more than the other.

The Project: Develop a Course Full of Custom Interactivity

You need to ... build a course with custom interactivity, like immersive interactions, decision-making scenarios, game elements, and complex quizzing. This is the perfect project for Storyline 360.

Here’s why Storyline 360 is the best tool for this job. It enables you to:

  • Create anything you can imagine. Storyline 360’s features let you build complex interactions easily—no coding required. Combine layers, states, triggers, hotspots, 360° images, and more to create richly customized, immersive experiences that capture—and keep—learners’ attention.
  • Build dynamic, adaptive content. Use Storyline 360’s variables to create more personalized learning experiences by capturing and tracking learner input or actions, then presenting dynamic content based on their choices.
  • Transform static content into an interactive learning experience. Storyline 360’s easy but powerful authoring features help you transform static content, like drawing shapes, images, or characters, into interactive assessments or decision-making exercises in just a few clicks.

The Project: Create a Course in Record Time

You need to … quickly create a course on a common business topic like communication skills. Your course needs to look beautiful and keep learners engaged—but it also needs to be done fast. Rise 360 to the rescue!

Here’s why Rise 360 is the best app for the job. It gives you what you need to:

  • Upload professionally designed courses to your LMS in minutes. Rise 360 includes over 1,000 fully customizable and professionally designed course templates containing real and placeholder content. Real content templates cover a wide array of business and thought leadership topics from bestselling authors chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink. Make tweaks to fit your branding, hit Export, and upload courses to your learning management system (LMS) in a few clicks. It doesn’t get much faster or easier than that! 
  • Easily create beautiful custom courses. Creating custom courses is so easy in Rise 360. Mix and match different types of modular learning blocks—like labeled graphics, knowledge checks, branching scenarios, tabs interactions, or even custom interactions created in Storyline 360—to make a totally custom course in minutes. Customize learning blocks with your own text and media content. Put the finishing touches on your project by choosing your brand color and fonts, and—boom!—you have a fully branded and totally customized course out the door in no time.
  • Empower anyone to create courses. Anyone can create beautiful courses online, anytime, anywhere with Rise 360. There’s no need to download any software—all you need is your web browser. Rise 360’s incredibly intuitive features make it possible for anyone—no technical skills needed—to create media-rich, engaging, and interactive courses that look incredible on every device your learners use. 

The Project: Record and Edit a Personalized Screencast

You need to … create a screencast with a personal touch. You want to capture both the action on your screen and your face with your webcam. There’s no need to use a screencasting tool AND a webcam recording when you use Replay 360.

Here’s why Replay 360 is the best app for the job. You’ll be able to:

  • Record a screencast with picture-in-picture effects. Replay 360 is the perfect tool for creating screen recordings with a webcam. Just launch the recorder and start recording your video and webcam simultaneously.
  • Tweak and edit your video. Then, you’ll be able to edit and perfect your video with Replay 360’s easy editing tools. Without any “ums,” “ahs,” or pauses, you’ll have a polished video quickly.
  • Publish to MP4. Easily publish your Replay 360 videos to MP4 in a few clicks. You can quickly upload them to your Storyline 360, Studio 360, or Rise courses—or just use the videos as they are!

The Project: Create a Quick Screencast on a Mac or a PC

You need to … record a quick screencast, capturing all the action on your screen. You might use your recording as a stand-alone video, add it to a Rise 360 lesson, insert it in a Storyline 360 or Studio 360 course, or use it with Review 360 to get quick feedback from a colleague.

Peek 360 is the right app for the job! Here’s what you can do with Peek 360:

  • Record a screencast on a Mac or PC. Peek 360 is always a click away on your Mac menu bar or Windows system tray. It’s fast and easy to fire up, click record, and capture your screen activity.
  • Share easily. Upload your screencast to Review 360 with a single click. Share it using a unique link. Or download it for easy loading into your LMS.

Let the Fun Begin

With Articulate 360, you’ll get an amazing set of course creation apps at your fingertips—and now you know how to pick the right one for your project! 

Looking for more help getting started with Articulate 360? Check out our Articulate 360 Training videos and webinars.

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