Publishing Engage interaction into a Sharepoint site

Does anyone know if an Engage project (it's created from the glossary template)can be uploaded into a SharePoint site and if so how do you have to publish it in order to do so?  I don't have the SharePoint site - its someone in my company that wants to publish one of my interactions and she usually uses a pdf format to do so.  I tried sharing the link created when I published to the Articulate 360 option and she doesn't know what to do with it and says it's not the right format for SharePoint. thoughts?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lewis.  You should be able to host Articulate content in SharePoint Server. However, it won't work with SharePoint Online (the Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Edition), since it doesn't support HTML files. 

You can publish your interaction for Web, and it will create a folder of files, including HTML files.  If you're using SharePoint Server, check with your SharePoint administrator for instructions on how to upload HTML content. Depending on your version of SharePoint, you may need to switch to "explorer view" before uploading content, or you may need to "check in" content after uploading it. Your administrator will know for sure. 

Let me know how you make out!

Elizabeth Delgado

We have had success with moving our output to M365 Sharepoint with a few steps:

From your desktop, before moving the published output, rename the interaction.html to interaction.aspx, and then also  rename: interaction_html5.aspx 

This is working for us to host from SP. Sometimes the engage opens with a plain grey box and a white circle where the arrow would be, click the circle and it plays normally. Not sure why that happens, but the engages we had to republish after moving to M365 are working without having to recreate content.

Any ideas why the engage is displaying that way upon opening?

Thank you