Weird "Adobe Flash Player Setting" message

Feb 11, 2022

Hello. I am exporting an Engage interaction into Word. When I publish, each slide screenshot is darkened and has a message box with "Adobe Flash Player Setting" (see below).

I have the most recent version of Engage, and I've never experienced anything like this. I am publishing in the local drive, so I do not know where does this come from. I can't use the screenshots in Word like this.

Has anyone experienced this? Any info or help will be greatly appreciated.

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Ulises Musseb

Thanks. Yes, Windows is up-to-date (my IT department makes sure it is). It is also now showing when I import an Engage interaction in SL.

However, I did notice that this is happening only with one of my computers. I'll check with my IT department and if they don't find anything, I'll submit a ticket to Articulate.

Thank you for your reply.