Presenter 360 file into Rise?

Hello All, 

I have an interactive ppt that I have exported as articulate presenter that I would like to bring into a Rise module. 

Generally, I would import into storyline first and then bring it over into Rise, but I don't see importing from presenter as an option in SL. When I just import the ppt, some of the functionality gets lost. 

Any suggestions?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Keaira.

Thank you for reaching out!

You are correct: the best way would be to import the Presenter 360 project into Storyline, publish it to Review 360, then use a Storyline block in Rise 360.

Take a look at the article below for steps on importing your presentation:

Tip: If you're importing a PowerPoint file that includes Articulate Presenter resources (such as audio), be sure the *.ppta file is located in the same folder as the PowerPoint file. Otherwise, Storyline will import only the PowerPoint slides, not the corresponding Presenter resources. (Presenter doesn't need to be installed.)

I hope this helps!