Presenter error when publishing at cleaning up temp files

I'm trying to publish a Presenter presentation to LMS as HTML5. Each time the process gets to "cleaning up temporary files" I get an error message. I have a few presentations that were created for one course and this is the only one that is having an issue. Is there any way to find out what is causing the problem and fix it?

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Stephen Carris

Solved.  The offender in my case:  Smart Art.   

I've been tearing my hair out to get to the bottom of why I couldn't publish a PPT deck in Presenter with audio narration.  First I thought it was the audio file compatibility.  Nope.   Then tried sourcing missing media codec.  Nope.  Then tried making copy and copying slides over.  Nope.  Reboots. Uninstall/reinstall.  And then......Smart Art Tools.  The original presentation author had used smart art tools to create the deck images.  I simply highlighted the image in each slide in turn and as I did so went into the Smart Art Tools Tab on the ribbon;  'Smart Art Tools'/'Design'/'Convert to Shapes'.  And it worked. 

I've just spend the best an entire business day trying to figure it out.  It's frustrating as an Articulate Author.  If Smart Art is compatible with PowerPoint then surely all common PowerPoint add ins should be compatible with Articulate files since Articulates foundations are built on the principles of Powerpoint.   There are tonnes of Articulate Temp File crash cases on google all with different solutions. Mine is just another to add to the list.  But if you do have Smart Art in you presentation then the above should sort it.  Cheers.