adding a "quiz question" that is only a small part of a slide


I have created a slide, and I am wondering if it is possible to add a "quiz component" to my already completed slide.

I know that I can "insert a graded question slide" but I am looking for something different than that.

Here is my slide:


I want to insert a "quiz box" where the orange rectangle is.  If the user types in "a+b", then I want a layer to come up that says, "correct."

I know how to create triggers/layers.  What I don't understand is:

Is there a way to create a "quiz box" rather than an entire "quiz slide"?

Does my question make sense?



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Kara Colley

Cool!  Thanks!

What I don't understand:  The text box only seems to let me enter something once.  After I enter an incorrect answer (in Preview), it won't let me edit my incorrect answer.  When I go back to the original slide, I can't edit my wrong answer.

Are my triggers incorrect?



I would add my storyline file, but my computer won't let me..........