Convert iSpring quizzes

Jan 13, 2020

Hello.  I am a total newbie working with Articulate.  My company previously used iSpring.  Is there any way to convert iSpring quizzes to Articulate quizzes?

Thank you in advance,


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Tom Kuhlmann

They are two separate apps from different companies so there's no direct import option. However, there is an Excel import option for quizzes. You can find it here.

I'd find out from iSpring if there's a way to export your quizzes to CSV or Excel format for editing. If so, they you should be able to quickly copy/paste into the other spreadsheet.

Eileen Fernandez-Parker

Thank you. Surprisingly, iSpring does not give any support unless you subscribe to their maintenance program which is the equivalent to purchasing the software yearly, so I'll have to figure it out on my own. I'm extremely disappointed in their lack of customer support. It contrasts sharply with Articulate 360's amazing support.

I've already gone online and written a pretty strong comparison of the two companies' customer support. I'm really happy to be with Articulate 360 right now.


Tom Kuhlmann

That's good to hear about 360. If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask in here. We want to make sure you get the help you need to get your work done.

As far as the quizzing output options, it looks like they have an export to Word option which may make it easier to get the contents out of the quiz and in a format for importing into 360.