Is it possible to randomize the order of Groups in Quizmaker '13?

I hope I don't end up with a double post, but I didn't receive any acknowledgement when I tried to submit this previously, so here we go again!


I understand all about randomizing questions that have been placed in groups.  What I really need is to also randomize the order that groups appear in a Quizmaker quiz.  If this is possible, then the ability to totally randomize each quiz attempt is fully achieved.

Let's say I have 10 question groups and each one has 3 or 4 images in it that are unique to a particular subject.  Each of the images has subtle variations, but the same answer is correct for each one.  In this quiz the images would be of ECG rhythm strips.  For one question I might have four different strips that are Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR), each with slightly different rates and other determining characteristics, but no matter what NSR is the correct answer for each of the four examples.

If the 10 groups of rhythm strips appear in the same order each time the quiz is delivered, then the test is never completely random and a large enough group of quiz takers could eventually begin to distill the order in which groups appear and the subjects covered in each group.  Folks could figure the first group is always NSR, the second group is always 3rd degree block, the third group is Sinus Tachycardia, etc., etc.

I have searched and haven't found anything that tells me random group order is possible in Quizmaker '13, but perhaps I just missed something.  I also have access to Storyline, but have little to no experience using it.  However if it is possible to do what I want in that program, then maybe it's time for me to learn!

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Stephanie Dyke

This thread is two years old but I'm wondering if Articulate will ever add this to their roadmap or if anyone has come up with a workaround? It definitely doesn't appear to be possible with  question banks in Storyline so I pulled out Quizmaker thinking this feature might have finally been added but I still can't figure out a solution.

The original poster was not asking how to randomize questions within groups - re: the support article that was provided - he was asking if the randomized pulls from each group can be further randomized. I have the same need.

My project is an exam prep/study guide course for learners in a particular profession. The real exam they will eventually take has a set number of questions assigned to each topic (pulled from a massive pool) so I'm trying to replicate that experience.

I have 10 groups of questions, each one covering a separate exam topic. Each group is set to randomize and include a sub-set of the questions. I'm good up to that point. But when the quiz is published, there is no randomization between the sub-sets.

In other words, if my first group of questions is about Topic A, and I'm pulling 5 random questions from that group, the first 5 questions in any quiz attempt are always going to be about Topic A. Even though they are going to be random questions, it will eventually become obvious to the learner that the correct answer to the first 5 questions is going to be Topic A-related. And the next 7 are going to be Topic B, the next 5 Topic C, the next 10 Topic D and so on.

This makes the practice tests much less rigorous and therefore less valuable to the learner.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be eternally grateful.