Quiz Maker Reporting Options

Jun 28, 2022

Hello! I'm a Training Specialist for a Japanese Style Steakhouse and I've recently started using Articulate products to create training material for my company. I've been playing with Quiz Maker's reporting options because I'm looking for a report to include the following information: Question, type of question, student response, correct response, result, weight, and latency. I have found a report with majority of these items but I'm unable to find a report with the actual question written out. Can anyone let me know if this is a possibility using Quiz Maker?

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Idania, 

If you need more data to be reported to your LMS, you can consider creating your quizzes in Storyline 360 instead of Quizmaker 360, since Storyline 360 sends more detailed information to an LMS. Here are two articles which explains the quiz data that is sent by each application: 

If you've already started creating your quizzes in Quizmaker 360, this article explains how to import Quizmaker files to a Storyline 360 project.