Storing QuizMaker results in a database

Mar 30, 2012

I am an ICT teacher at a school, and have created a solution to save all results to a database automatically after the quiz. I am using a MS SQL Server database, but it could easily be adapted to a MS Access or other database.

We have already taken hundreds of tests, and all results are stored, up to individual answers. The web interface enables you to download results per quiz, per student or per class in CSV format.

All source code is open sourced, and downloadable on

I am hoping for collaboration from many of you to improve the software. Email me if you like to cooperate on the project.

I have looked at joep's original solution in .NET and have created my own in classic ASP. See

I plan on supporting MS Access, MySQL and port the version to PHP. One of the hardest problems was capturing the user name of the student, which is now done by forcing the student to use Internet Explorer, the only browser that sends the domain user automatically.

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Suzan Allen

Hi Mark,

I previously used this method to save the results of a Quizmaker 09 Survey to a Microsoft SQL Server database. Recently I have tried changing the survey questions and republishing the survey but it no longer works in IE11. Do you have any idea what changes are needed to make it work?

Michiel van der Blonk


My name is Michiel, not Mark. Don't worry about that though. Sorry to be late with my reply. I hope you have already solved the problem.

I have a new version already, but it's not ready for publishing. I am still working on that. I could send you the code base though.

Right now quizbaker has moved to GitHub, where you can find the code. If you want you can add an Issue here:

Please use that to put in as much detail as you can about your problem. If you want you can press F12 in the browser (IE) and see in the console if there are any javascript errors. Please indicate which ones you see.

I can then fix the code and update the version. However, as I said this version is quite old and I need to update it with the latest



Michiel van der Blonk

Hi Suzan and others,

I have uploaded the latest ASP code to GitHub. See

This is the code as it is used at our school, so it contains some school specific code. You can download it using the download zip button on the bottom right. I would recommend using the master branch though (choose branch, then master, then download zip).

I have also been working on the PHP version, which is now its own separate project. I know people like this because PHP on linux with mysql is completely free, and can easily be hosted online.

We are running dozens of quizzes with hundreds of students each year and it's still running great.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

This thread is a bit older, and as such I'm not certain that folks are still subscribed. What element were you looking for a video around? You may want to message that user directly using the "contact me" button on their profile to see if they're able to weigh in and offer you some assistance. 

BJ Campbell

We ended up using Jquery and Ajax to export and capture a variable that was then stored in a SQL database on the back end.  This project was a collaboration with our IT department.  Here is the storyline file I created for IT based on information I found on the Internet (don't ask me where).  That was a contract project which ended, so I no longer have access to anything else.   I hope you can find something to use or to help you find what you need.  Best wishes.

Johannes Zensen

Thanks for these great suggestions for solutions! I am also looking for a way to automatically send the result slide of my Articulate Storyline course to a database. Due to the stricter data protection laws in Germany I am not allowed to use Google Sheets for this, even if this would be the easiest solution. Mr. van der Blonk wrote in his post that you could also have the result slide sent to MS Access. However, I have no programming skills and little idea about this software. Could you help me here? :)