11 question banks with 20 questions in total....how to show progress in question slides?


I have 11 question banks with 20 questions in total.

I want to show the learner progress while going to the questions from all 11 question banks. When I use slide numbers (and exclude all other slides) the first 5 questions from question bank 1 are fine (1/20, 2/20, 3/20, 4/20, 5/20), but when  the questions from  question bank 2 are shown, it starts with number one again (1/20)...

How can I fix this?

Thanks Nathalie

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Math Notermans

Allthough your setup is not quite clear to me... 11 questionsbanks with 20 questions in total? So each qb has 2 questions ?? And your issue isnot 100% clear either ? Is it just the restarting of the count numbers of the slide ? Then use custom variables to just count up.

Do share a sample as its quite easy to fix i guess.

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