360 Images in Storyline - another way to track already visited hotspots?

Apr 28, 2022


I have a project in Storyline utilizing the 360 image feature and I am trying to figure out another way for a user to visibly see hotspots they've already clicked on besides the default way of them turning darker in shade.

The project objective is to have users navigate around a dorm room and click on different areas to 'inspect' in the dorm room. The user must find these areas on their own, without guided help (hotspot pulse is off, & markers are out of the question). My problem is the project is set up similar to a virtual "apartment tour" where clicking an arrow will move to a different slide that is essentially another 360 image in a different part of the room. Thus, everything the user already clicked on "resets" when moving to a different slide.

All the areas to inspect have variables attached, and my line of thinking was to display a checkmark once those variables are true or = 1 (when the user clicks on them), but Storyline doesn't support adding regular shapes to 360 images. 

See attached for a preview of the project. Ideally, the yellow-highlighted spotlight will have a check mark placed over it after the user clicks it for the first time. 

Thanks in advance for any creative solutions or workarounds!

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