99 Practical Examples of Javascript in Storyline


99 Practical Examples to Use JavaScript with Storyline

After years of coming up with practical solutions in javascript to support Storyline development, it's time to wrap them in a book. All in one solution for non-coders. Examples, how to use them, how to tweak them. Best practices, worst nightmares... Limited fluff. Limited geekness: IT'S ABOUT PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.

There are great courses out there to each you to code. Yet, many of you said you found them boring. Why? Because they're teaching you how javascript works, not how to work javascript along with Storyline to build something faster, easier, better. That's the goal. It will be too light for programmers and too heavy if this is your first time opening up Storyline. If you're inbetween, and you want your elearning design/development to pop, you'll find 99 ways to do it. 

Would you be interested in the book?

Would you be interested in contributing some real-life examples to the book?

Let me know!  

As a reminder, Articulate does not officially support javascript (beyond the Execute Javascript trigger). 

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