99 Practical Examples of Javascript in Storyline


99 Practical Examples to Use JavaScript with Storyline

UPDATE: No book but a live document collecting 99 Practical Online Programming examples with JavaScript. Pop(99);



After years of coming up with practical solutions in javascript to support Storyline development, it's time to wrap them in a book. All in one solution for non-coders. Examples, how to use them, how to tweak them. Best practices, worst nightmares... Limited fluff. Limited geekness: IT'S ABOUT PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.

There are great courses out there to each you to code. Yet, many of you said you found them boring. Why? Because they're teaching you how javascript works, not how to work javascript along with Storyline to build something faster, easier, better. That's the goal. It will be too light for programmers and too heavy if this is your first time opening up Storyline. If you're inbetween, and you want your elearning design/development to pop, you'll find 99 ways to do it. 

Would you be interested in the book?

Would you be interested in contributing some real-life examples to the book?

Let me know!  

As a reminder, Articulate does not officially support javascript (beyond the Execute Javascript trigger). 

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Zsolt Olah

Project 99 has started. We're adding more and more ideas until we reach 99. 


I know some of you had reached out earlier with examples. Now it's the time! If you have something you want to share with others, let me know! We can link to your blog, youtube, or wherever if already have something published.

Amy Hengst

Is there something basic missing in these examples? None of them are working for me on publishing, which is weird. I was just copy/pasting in the functionality as is to test and examine it.


Testing with a button to add one to a count using the ++ function, using the counter timer, and setting today's date (which returns as 00/00/00).

I have used other javascript before such as Matthew Bibby's timer count down, and setting alerts, and built in SL variables pretty extensively before so I sort of know what I'm looking at. I also tried typing in the js in case some weird script was copying with the text and pasting into storyline. Bit Mystified...

Amy Hengst

Thanks Zsolt! I mostly got it working, now, only I'm not quite sure what I changed that worked. It seemed like a missing or added space, and maybe I had some bad code on one slide that interfered with code on the other pages. Is that possible that SL looks ahead and if there is a broken script it interrupts the other scripts? Thanks for offering to help me out!! 

Zsolt Olah


Great! Yes, my very first advice to anyone is ALWAYS open the developer window in your browser and see if there's anything in the Console. One single issue can stop any JS on the page but you won't see any error unless you look at the Console messages. Red is bad. Yellow is warning (for example, when you try to set a variable that does not exist in SL or the upper/lower case does not match it's a yellow warning but it might stop any other scripts running).