Acknowledgement button in Storyline

Jan 06, 2023


I'm building a course that provides some learning content up front and includes a slide towards the end that asks the user to acknowledge a statement i.e., I acknowledge I will adhere to the conditions outlined in this module.

There is no assessment. 

I've read online how best to approach this. A few people suggest adding a graded question (multiple choice) and including only one answer, and renaming it "I acknowledge". Then adding a results slide and amending this to say something along the lines of "Thanks for completing the acknowledgement".

However, if my completion method is by 100% of slides completed would it be feasible to just add the graded question slide and remove the next button (to prevent someone from progressing without ticking the acknowledge). This would mean a user would have to tick the one possible answer (the acknowledgement) as it would be impossible to move forward in the course (as long as navigation is locked)

This seems a simpler way of doing it however, i'm unsure as to whether i've missed any pitfalls? 

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