Adding a Sidebar to a Storyline Screen Recording eLearning


I'm trying to make an eLearning where there would be a screen recording/simulation on one side of the course and then a sidebar for additional info on the other side.


I found this video ( from Articulate which essentially says you should add the screen recording first, then extend your Slide Size and select where you want your existing content to be located. According to the video you would then be able to add slide space on one side of your screen recording, and then you could use that space for the sidebar.


When I go to extend the Slide Size, I don't see any options for repositioning my existing screen recording. As a result, when I increase the Slide Size, it always moves my screen recording to the center, and I never get the option to add all of the extra slide space on one side of the recording. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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