Adding audio/sound to a button

Jun 23, 2016

Is there a better/easier way to add audio to a button without having to add a separate layer to play the audio? I have several buttons throughout my course that play different audio clips and sometimes they appear on the base layer, other times they appear on a feedback layer. It would be nice to attach audio directly to the button, but I don't think that's a possibility. 

Has anyone figured out an easier/more efficient way to attach audio to a button?

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Niko von Tippelskirch

Put the Audios on the Materslide. Give every element a trigger with: play on a Trigger(true/false) true event plus a Trigger(text) with a Name(for example: click). Than also give an toggle event on the mediato set the Trigger to false again.

So everytime u need the Audio set three triggers. First the one which, choose the media(click), then the interaction(gotoSlide) then set the Trigger to true.