Adding layers

Dec 03, 2021

I need help with layers. 

I'm trying to add layers to a slide. This is a regular slide to present content, not a question slide. When I click the icon to add a layer, Storyline automatically displays the layout for the correct answer layer of a question. Because Storyline thinks this is a question, I can't change the layout to something else than a correct answer. 

I use the latest version of Storyline 360. 


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Walt Hamilton

There is a master layout for slides. It is called Master. There is a master layout for layers. It is called Feedback master. The normal default for a new layer is a layout called Clear, or Blank.  Right click the layer, and choose to change the layout. If Clear is not visible in the drop-down list, something has happened to it. Go to View Feedback Master and check it out.  If it has been erased, you can duplicate one of the other layouts, rename it, and delete everything on it. If it has been corrupted, you need to start a new project, or maybe even a new install.