Adjusting image to fit into Header?

Apr 10, 2022

I am formatting a survey that I found in the content library.

There is a box for a header within the survey. So I went ahead and found a great image in the library for this. However, if I resize it to fit the header it gets distorted. Is there a way to format this image for a header within Storyline or do I have to format with a different app?  Please advise.

Thanks and have a great Sunday Y'all!!...

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Judy Nollet

An image will always distort if you force the entire image into a different aspect ratio (that is, you change the ratio of height to width). 

You can, however, crop any image (in Storyline or using photo-editing software) to the desired aspect ratio. Obviously, this cuts off parts of the image. But at least the parts that remain won't be distorted. 

Ben Smith

Judy, again I really appreciate your help.

Here is the image I'm trying to turn into a header. I believe I need to use an image specific app to have the best chance to turn it into a header. The issue is the laptop is going to get cut off.  The dimensions of the header is about 715 x 60 which is very small.

Judy Nollet

Unfortunately, I'd say that image isn't conducive to cropping and/or repeating. 

I'll offer one more option: create your own version, which could be done in PowerPoint or Storyline. Here's how I'd do it:

  • Start with a colored shape that matches the header's aspect ratio. (Or use 2 if you want to get the table+wall look).
  • Put a cut-off photo, illustration, or icon of a laptop on the left side of that shape. 
  • Add a whole bunch of envelope illustrations or icons streaming out of the laptop, but staying within the defined area of the shape. (You could also draw some lines to indicate movement.)
  • Group all that, then right-click and save/export it as a picture. 
  • Use that picture as your header.

The thing to remember is that the image needs to be "readable" at the small size. In other words, everything in the image needs to be big enough that someone can recognize what it is. Otherwise, it has no meaning.