After Effects and Storyline

Jul 28, 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Storyline with a background in the Adobe Suite, specifically After Effects. I was wondering what sort of integration Storyline has with After Effects in terms of overlays on videos. Or if there are users out there who have used After Effects animation in Storyline and have any tips or best practices, that would be helpful as well.



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Nancy Woinoski

I have done a few projects using After Effects and Storyline. Here is one example

In this example most of the animation was done in After Effects which I encoded as an MP4 video and inserted into Storyline. The text animation was done in Storyline and inserted on top of the video. I did it like this so that I would not have to redo the video if I decided to change the text.

You can overlay text, buttons, markers, videos, quiz questions, pictures, objects, etc on top of the After Effects video and use simple triggers, variables or JavaScript to start/stop or interact with the video.

Storyline does not support alpha channels so you can't overlay a video with a transparent background onto elements in Storyline.

Hamilton Ward

Thank you so much for your response! The example you showed is remarkable and is exactly the type of thing I'm looking to do. Great to see what's possible with these tools, thanks! 

Do you have any tutorials of this process? I love what you did with the sliced photos and your transitions. Great work!

Nancy Woinoski

I don't have any tutorials but Adobe has some good ones and you can find loads on YouTube

Here is the link to the Adobe tutorials:

The way I learned was to download some After Effects templates and then dissected how they were created. 

Math Notermans

Great sample Nancy... challenges me to recreate something alike with Gsap in Storyline..thus being dynamic and changeable directly inside Storyline. Most animations and effects i see are quite doable directly in Storyline with GSAP.

One other option people could use to combine AfterEffects and Storyline are Lottie animations. As Lottie and Bodymovin work quite well and are JSON ( Javascript Object Notation ) it can be integrated perfectly into Storyline.

Math Notermans

If you check my posts and profile you find a lot of tips and tricks. Not perse well documented process but enough helpfull stuff. Most important to get started is knowing your way around with Javascript and how to select elements in Storyline with JS. If you know that, the GSAP website has abundant tips and tricks too.