Allow seeking set to NO on slide layer not working


When I set Allow seeking to NO on slide layer , the timeline is still showing.

I have set the layer to:

-Hide other slide layers

-Allow seeking: No

When I click on the button to see the additional information on the layer, while the timeline hasn't finished, I see the timeline continuing...

Is there a way not to show the timeline on the additional layers?




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Julie Frappier

I read the following: If the seekbar on the base layer is draggable (Which in my case it is), then the seekbar on a slide layer will be draggable unless you select Allow Seeking: No. With that setting, the seekbar is ignored and will not visibly progress. - Which is not the case.

What am I missing?



Ren Gomez

Hi Julie,

Selecting the Allow Seeking: No option will not remove the seekbar from the base layer, it just won't allow the user to control the playback of that layer.

There's not a way to remove the seekbar on slide layers. You'll have to remove the seekbar from the player entirely if you prefer not to show it. Hope this helps!